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Ji Eun Hong
Ji Eun Hong | 8 months ago | in Brexit and Multiculturalism

To ensure that multicultural values are upheld after a highly divisive Brexit, UK must create policies that get “people to bridge their differences” (The Guardian). This may include a formation of policies that ban discrimination based on ethnicity or support to minority/diversity programs. The first suggestion, formation of policies, can be exemplified by the US’s policies. According to the Guardian, “US prohibits discrimination in rental housing unless you have four or fewer units to let”. The UK can implement a set of policies like this US policy to ensure that the UK starts to provide support to minorities, rather than simply acknowledge their existence.

Secondly, UK can provide aid to more diversity programs in corporations and policies to change existing programs so that minorities can get equal opportunities to progress in the workplace. Although diversity programs exist, many minorities do not receive the same opportunities to get promoted or equal pay. Therefore, policies can restrict discrimination against workers based on their background and promote their acceptance in the workplace.


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