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Continued protection of LGBTQ+ Rights

Marissa Benavides
Marissa Benavides | 9 months ago | in LGBT+ rights

To my understanding, Brexit will not affect the longstanding legislation passed and approved by Britain regarding LGBT rights. As Darren Grimes , a Brexiteer puts it "As a gay man and an ardent Brexiteer, the suggestion being made ... that I should feel threatened and worried by Brexit is as offensive as it is patently untrue". I feel that this proves that the general consensus among the community is that the lobbyists such as the Catholic community will not affect the established legislation that already protects them such as the Equality Act and the European Convention of Human Rights.

Jay Shin 7 months ago

While I do agree that Brexit will not affect the legislation passed and approved in Britain, there has been proof that hate crimes have spiked in Britain post-referendum. I think it is more important now than ever to re-emphasize the commitment Britain has towards combatting hate crimes. There is certainly a difference between equity and equality, so this conversation goes beyond legislation and one gay man's view.

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Marissa Benavides 7 months ago

Yes, I agree. Further emphasis needs to be placed on LGBTQ+ rights in order to ensure growth towards the goal of eventual equality. I find that the UK needs to emphasize the strides they have made towards this goal to discourage hate in their own country as well as demonstrate their stance to the surrounding EU members. We know that close to half of the other EU members have not yet legalized gay marriage and so I do see the value in reiterating UK's view.

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