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No-deal Brexit could stop 95% of UK-Spain flights

Brian Hao
Brian Hao | 7 months ago | in Our common future after Brexit

The air industry has warned that a no-deal Brexit scenario could halt air traffic between the UK and Spain by as much as 95%. With IATA figures showing over 5,000 flights a week between the two countries, this would severely damage relations and affect everyone from tourists to businessmen to public officials.


Brian Hao 7 months ago

Furthermore, while the EU and the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority have a contingency plan to ensure a sort of basic framework exists between the two countries, to allow basic services to continue at a reasonable pace, the British government has repeatedly emphasized that it is very possible for a no-deal scenario to manifest. Moreover, major British airlines may no longer be eligible to fly transatlantic flights, which would affect flights abroad, primarily to the United States, in addition to the EU. For the UK’s airline industry, a no-deal scenario is the absolute worst case, as holds true for many in Europe as a whole. The British government must realize just how far-reaching consequences of a no-deal Brexit are, and begin to compromise over issues like the Irish border that continue to keep negotiations at a standstill.

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Stanley Law 7 months ago

What about other EU countries? Would the same thing happen to say, Germany? Not only that, it seems that the UK is considering extending the Brexit period. This would significantly lower the chances of a no-deal Brexit going through at all.

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