Generation Brexit

Huge Losses for Millennials Following a No-deal Brexit

Former Prime Minister John Major warns that, “The British public were offered pipe dreams, not realities. Under every scenario that has been independently modelled, even by our own British government, the UK will be poorer and weaker, and the poorest regions and the least well-off will suffer the most.”

Rutvik Ashtikar 7 months ago

Cont. Following studies carried out using the models by Oxford University economist, Tommy Peto, Millennials will lose up to £108,000 over their lifetimes as a result of a no deal Brexit. The study takes into account the time period from 2020 to 2050, which compromises of an average person’s 30 year career. Prime Minister Major goes on to state that since the Brexit vote in June 2016 nearly 2 million British citizens have entered the voting pool and that they should have as much of a say in the future of their country as the older generations.

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Megan Kahn 6 months ago

The Brexit vote was backed by campaigns that only told part of the truth, while omitting facts that highlighted the real challenges of Britain leaving the EU. For many voters they did not understand the complexity that would follow a Brexit, especially in regards to the economic conditions. This is extremely unfortunate for the millennials, who as a majority voted to remain.

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