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Alarming Links to Brexit and Hate-Crimes

Jackie Yang
Jackie Yang | 8 months ago | in LGBT+ rights

In the last five years, the number of hate crimes in England and Wales has more than doubled, according to statistics by Home Office. Although this rise is partially due to improvements in the way crimes are recorded, they have also noted jumps in crime rates after events like the EU referendum and 2017 terrorist attacks. 

For those concerned that Brexit would be a setback on the progress made regarding LGBT rights, the continuation of these trends would be an alarming insight to what could happen to the LGBT community in the future.


Jay Shin 8 months ago

I am uncertain whether this article is pertinent to LGBTQ+ rights in the UK because 1. "the increase was largely driven by improvements in the way police record hate crime"
2. The hate crimes on religion and race were the hate crimes that saw the largest spikes
and 3. I believe the UK will remain an ardent supporter of minority rights

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Clara Oakley 7 months ago

the rise in hate crimes is concerning, but I think the government is extremely unlikely to start to retract the current rights of UK citizens of any kind, as firstly it would be extremely immoral and secondly it would cause a serious lack of public support for anyone who suggested or encouraged such things, therefore, I don't think LGBTQ+ rights are at risk, along with any other human rights.

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