Generation Brexit

Resentment makes it harder to find an agreement

The aim of negotiations is to find a deal that does not harm the EU neither the UK nor the EU. I used the word "harm" because I believe that Brexit can't benefit both players. In fact, the reason why the UK can't find an agreement with the EU is that both are trying to avoid further issues and difficulties that Brexit will cause. Furthermore, both are trying to gain the maximum benefit at the expense of the other. Therefore, the aim of the negotiation should be to try to find a way that doesn’t harm both players, but is this possible? I would say no. After all, the UK decided to leave the EU in order to be more successfull, especially in the economic field. On the other side, the EU sees Brexit as a sort of betrayal of the UK; consequently, the last thing Europeans want is to see the UK gaining an advantage due to Brexit. 

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