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Brexit is "Abusive to 17.4m Britons"

Nhi Duong
Nhi Duong | 8 months ago | in Our common future after Brexit

Gisela Stuart, chairwoman of a Brexit supporting group, made a forthright remark about TM's negotiations with the EU. She believed that the PM made a mistake of not consulting with the Brexit voters when dealing the terms with the EU. After all, it was them who wanted the UK to withdraw from the union.But the group has been looked down (cont)

Nhi Duong 8 months ago

as being less educated, mindless voters. Even when the referendum's result went out 2 years ago, this "majority" group barely received attention or respect. As Stuart put “they are now being invited to change their mind in a sense under the term People’s Vote." After watching the interview, I realise that the People's voice won't be able to make changes if the elites and the authority disapprove the change. Sure, Brexit is happening because of "democracy". But the policymakers are the ones to decide which version of Brexit they want. Most Brexiteers are likely to support Hard Brexit, but the Withdrawal Agreement suggests that a Soft Brexit is going to be implemented. Consequently, they don't benefit from Brexit because it's not the scenario they envisioned. The government should build up trust by communicating with the people and try to represent their voices in the negotiation with the EU.

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