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Minority Sentiments Matter

Daniel Sudit
Daniel Sudit | 7 months ago | in Brexit and Multiculturalism

The Brexit referendum, despite being passed and nearing its implementation, has had significant, and often negative, implications on how minority groups in the UK feel. There’s a reason why only a fraction of minority voters sided with the Leave campaign, especially when compared to the much larger amounts of white voters which supported the referendum. Not only has the Leave campaign rhetoric been largely racist and xenophobic, particularly with its stance on immigration, but minorities are now in a position where their future is far from certain. Not to mention, intolerance and hate crimes towards minority groups increased in the period after the referendum. Minorities have reason to fear that they will be purposefully excluded from the scheme of a post-Brexit UK, let alone included in it. To calm such fears, May and her cabinet must make their position clear that everyone, including minorities, will play an integral role in building a better nation post-Brexit.

Jackie Yang 7 months ago

Has May established any actual policies that would give minorities a clear platform to voice their concerns? If she only makes promises, but does not establish any laws, I worry that nothing will actually come of her declarations. I agree that minority concerns should be addressed, and there should be some kind of system that will let their worries and suggestions turn into actual legislation.

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