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Populism gives the false pretense of democracy

I believe that populism gives the false pretense of democracy to the disenfranchised and forgotten. The Brexit vote mobilized the highest percentage of votes in recent decades and thus might seem like it gave a pure democratic vote, giving those same disenfranchised trust in the democratic system. However, as we can see, especially looking at recent developments in Brexit negotiations, the end product of Brexit will almost assuredly fail to live up to a “democratic” decision. First and foremost, it is well documented the amount of disinformation that was spread and misleading that was happening before the vote already ruining the democratic process. Also all of the negotiating is essentially happening between bureaucrats in Parliament and in Brussels, and has not included the people’s sentiments ever since the vote. If the people’s opinion was taken again at this point it would be clear that the way the negotiations are going is not in the general population’s democratic interests.

Whitney Dankworth 7 months ago

As we know, the Brexit referendum was a manifestation of direct democracy. Do you think that direct democracy is more or less susceptible to manipulation than representative democracy?

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Ji Eun Hong 7 months ago

Therefore, do you believe that a referendum was a poor decision?

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