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Equal Rights Go Far Beyond Legislation

Chris Oh
Chris Oh | 5 months ago | in LGBT+ rights

Ensuring the LGBT+ rights go far beyond legislation.  While Equality Act 2010 and Marriage Act 2013 provide a solid basis for LGBT rights in the UK, there is still a long way to go in LGBT rights.  Equality is not achieved until people feel safe belonging to the minority.  Although UK boasts itself as being a leader on LGBT rights in Europe, the National LGBT Survey of 108,000 LGBT people administered by the UK government in July revealed that prejudice and discrimination is still a big problem.  70 percent of the respondents have reported that they have concealed their sexual orientation fearing negative reaction and 26 percent have said that they have experienced “verbal harassment, insults or other hurtful comments” regarding their sexual orientation.  Despite legislations protecting the rights of sexual minorities, this survey shows that public perception and education on sexual orientation and gender identity have a long way to go.  With Brexit allowing the UK to spend more money on domestic policies, legislators should think about allocating more money into educating the public about sexual orientation and gender identity. 

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