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British cooperation on security with EU, particularly Galileo Satellite

Theresa May's decision to exit the EU's efforts to develop the Galileo satellite is a major hit to the UK's security infrastructure. Britain has invested 1.5 B punds into this and now plans to withdraw, thus losing the investment. This decision is harming many UK space companies as they lose access to space contracts for the app. of this tech.

Selena Zhao 6 months ago

Recent news has reported that May has now said the British army will not use Galileo and the UK will instead explore options to build its own satellite navigation system - having set aside £92m to do so. Do you believe that May's plans are sufficient for this? Further, given that the UK industry has earned €1.15 bn from the Galileo project so far, do you believe May's plans for an independent UK-based satellite system will generate enough to match it's previous returns from the Galileo project?

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Randall Z. 6 months ago

Do you think that the UK will also withdraw from other joint-security initiatives, or will its membership in NATO be enough to encourage cooperation with regard to regional security and international intervention?

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Dev Devnani 6 months ago

To the first question, I believe that May's plan for the independent UK-based satellite system may generate and do well -- the problem is that it will take more time. The UK has already invested billion of dollars and years of time into this venture. It would be a waste to time to restart the entire process.

To the second question, I do think that UK will be involved in another security initiatives such as NATO because Europe, including the UK, in general, faces many overall threats from Russia, North Africa and Middle East. To combat these, they must have integrated security forces to deal with a problem.

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