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Should we listen to populist arguments?

The problem with populism is not that it infringes on democracy but rather that it creates enemies within the political system. While it is true that the tides of political thought transition at almost every new term, populism provokes a negative spirit in the population of the majority in order to inspire support and ignite change. Differing political ideals are of course fine and are a justified part of the nature of democracy, but at the end of the day there should be a sense of unity between citizens in support of the country that they are a part of. Populism erases the sentiment of unity and creates pronounced division, founded on polarized ideas.


Unfortunately, the populist movements that are gaining support around the world today are ignited by ideas of hate towards the changing world. These ideas have caused an increase in hate crimes and violence in both Europe and the United States. While the sentiments surrounding these ideas are spurred and influenced by negative sentiments towards dissenting groups, the foundation of the populist movement should not be ignored. The foundation is generated from popular sentiment and should be considered if a country is considered a democracy. There has to be a way to appeal to some of the ideas of the growing populist movements without igniting hateful sentiments in order for countries to move forward in uniting their citizens.

Whitney Dankworth 7 months ago

Do you think that populism leads to polarization, or the other way around?

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Can Huang 6 months ago

Better policies to deal with the failure of globalization like employment outflows and terrorism is the foundation for citizens' rational regression.

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Toon Hollevoet 5 months ago

I do not think that populism creates polarization, but it is a symptom of an already polarized society.

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