Generation Brexit

Who's to blame for fake news?

The rise of consumerism culture in media has definitely contributed to the way in which we absorb news. Furthermore, our fast world has created short attention spans, where people are constantly searching for bold captivating headlines that not only grasp their attention, but provide the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time. While society and the media contributes to the lack of truth in news sources the problem also sits with the exclusivity of academic information. As a student, every attributed journal and newspaper charges fees for information. While the fees are not incredibly high they are still an inconvenience and a barrier limiting accessibility. Moreover, if there is already news available on social media platforms users are more likely to just read the information on that platform instead of searching on a whole new site for reputable news sources. If reputable academic sources were already present on social media platforms, information could potentially influence a larger demographic of people, limiting the overall power of fake news.

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