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China and Brexit

Dylan Polley
Dylan Polley | 6 months ago | in Brexit and Multiculturalism

Brexit is portrayed in the media as a plight on international travel and immigration. Immigrants around the who used to travel and live in Europe without borders are suddenly stripped of a right that used to be assumed. This being true for EU members , non-EU members view Brexit slightly differently. China immigrants opposingly to most EU members, as Nicolas Groffman writes, view Brexit as a “beacon of hope”

              Prior to the UK leaving the EU, EU applicants had advantages over non-EU applicants for various visa and citizenship applications. Now however, EU and non-EU members will be put on the same pedestal, decreasing the number of “non-EU groundless rejections.”  

              As the minority demographics in UK shift, China will continue to contribute one of the largest number of immigrants and study visas to the UK. With the introduction of Brexit, it will be interesting to track how the different demographics will affect the workforce, economy, and politics in the UK.

Sarah Waxman 6 months ago

This is true, and I would take it a step further to imagine how the UK will negotiate these immigration laws for EU members especially as it will at least slightly limit their movement while simultaneously negotiating free trade agreements with the EU as would benefit everyone.

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Jay Shin 6 months ago

Do you think the differences in immigrants will affect Britain, or do you think that the immigration policies and quotas will have more of an influence on post-Brexit UK?

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Dylan Polley 6 months ago

I do think that a change in immigration will lead to a new set of skills in the UK, ultimately affecting Britain as a whole

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Can Huang 5 months ago

It's feasible for the British government to relieve the limitation of job visa for general international students to attract talents as the inflow of EU-members would be impeded to some extent.

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Jiahe Sun 5 months ago

If Brexit does happen, yes the migration policy is supposed to change and be more favorable to Chinese students such as working permit after graduation etc. But i would like to say the threshold of property investment of one million pounds unlikely to be lowered

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