Generation Brexit

Do People Really Know What Brexit Means?

With democracy, comes responsibility in the public to be as educated and up-to-date as possible on issues that concern the entire population. In situations like Brexit, the democratic vote has long-lasting effects on the economic, political, and social welfare of the United Kingdom. 

It has been demonstrated by the British people, that a large majority of them do not understand the true impact of what would occur post-Brexit. High political figures, instead, grouped the UK's membership in the European Union with many other problems that were occurring in the UK such as poverty, education, and housing. Citizens were then led to believe that in some way, leaving the European Union would fix the aforementioned issues.

Allowing people to vote on an issue as large as Brexit, without providing substantial education to understand the issues, leaves room for misinterpretation and political manipulation. People who are not actively keeping up with the economic, political, and social standing of the UK and Europe would not be able to craft an opinion on the decision that is supported by reasoning and evidence. Instead, people can easily be influenced by political figures, fake news, and falsified statistics they find on the internet. Are democratic votes the best way to decide the future of the country?




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