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Uncertainty increases with rumors of Labour talks to back second referendum

Sach Iyer
Sach Iyer | 7 months ago | in Our common future after Brexit

Given the unlikeliness of Theresa May’s Brexit deal gaining the approval of Parliament, prominent members within the shadow cabinet are determining alternative plans of action, including a second referendum. As it is unlikely that a vote of no-confidence in May will be successful either, a second referendum will give the public (cont.)

Sach Iyer 7 months ago

one more chance to reverse Brexit. Despite a recent poll showing that opinion to remain is at its highest levels since the 2016 referendum, rumors of a Labor supported referendum only adds to the already high levels of uncertainty surrounding the future of the UK. Corporations that are considering a move to mainland Europe for favorable business conditions are forced to second-guess their decisions, and plans to stockpile medications and resources could be nonessential. If a second referendum is truly desired by Labour members, it is important for policy changes to be communicated effectively and early to the public in efforts to provide stability for Britain.


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