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Cyber Security and Data Protection

Alex Tai
Alex Tai | 7 months ago | in Our common future after Brexit

Data protection and cyber security have close ties with the United Kingdom and the European Union’s aligned interests in national security. In the digitalised era, security concerns have extended from conventional physical space to the online world.


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Alex Tai 7 months ago

Ensuring continued cyber security cooperation should be a key priority not only for the UK but also for the rest of the European continent. Information sharing is one of the main concerns with regards to cyber security in a post-Brexit world. Numerous cyber security experts predict a spike in cyber-attacks in the UK and EU. Due to the uncertain nature of regulatory compliance, information gaps and inconsistencies between UK and EU policies may emerge and provide opportunities for malicious hackers to exploit. While the UK solidified its commitments to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by passing the Data Protection Bill 2018, equivalence in regulation may be reduced when the GDPR updates.

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Alex Tai 7 months ago

Sources: – cybersecurity + data protection issues

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