Generation Brexit

Britain Can No Longer Halt EU Integration

The UK has remained Eurosceptic ever since joining the EEC in 1973. Thus, multiple proposals for further EU integration have been halted by the UK, especially in the areas of defense. Great Britain's strategic goal to promote unrestricted trade in Europe, however avoid the risks of too much centralized European power, has largely been achieved. ctd

Zachary Griggs 7 months ago

However, the UK's departure will no longer see Britain in a position to prevent the emergence of a continental hegemon. The secretary general of the European parliament, Klaus Welle was quoted "For the EU, Brexit means losing capacity because a large and influential country is leaving. But Brexit also means we gain the capacity to act. We are fully on the move again. It will be a different union from now on". The UK will have no say in European integration, and will be faced with competing against a potentially more integrated EU for greater influence in world affairs. To preserve its global view as a European leader, one that can bridge the gap between the U.S. and Europe, the UK should uphold close cooperation with the EU in all aspects of international relations.

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