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Supporting Erasmus is Imperative

Jay Shin
Jay Shin | 7 months ago | in Our common future after Brexit

A social policy that the UK must continue to support regardless of the progress made on Brexit deals is Erasmus, the European Union student exchange program (cont.)

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Jay Shin 7 months ago

The program is on pace to support over 4 million students in the EU by 2020 since the program’s inception, and over 5% of students with university degrees have been involved with the program.

In the case of Britain leaving the EU, "the UK will continue to participate in the Union programmes financed by the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) 2014-2020 until their closure," which is great news, but the timeframe was already agreed upon prior to the referendum.

The main issue; however, is that the European Commission seems to have a proposed scheme in place to develop Erasmus with the Erasmus+ program from 2021-2027, but it is still unknown whether the UK would participate in this accord.

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Jay Shin 7 months ago


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Eduardo Scheuren 7 months ago

Considering the high level of many of the UK's universities, I totally agree with keeping the Erasmus program going in England as many students will lose the opportunity to study in some of the best universities in Europe.

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