Generation Brexit

The EU's laws used to be part of the UK, but not anymore

Dharaa Rathi
Dharaa Rathi | 5 months ago | in LGBT+ rights

The Charter of Fundamental Rights, an EU law, used to be the fundamental protection for LGBT+ rights in the UK. Now, with Brexit going into effect, it will no longer exist, and the pressure is on for the UK government to put strict protections into UK law. Leaving the EU may not seem like the largest revolution, especially with the consistent, singular British identity that's always existed. However, it does represent isolation in a world that is growing exponentially more interconnected every day, a regression in opening hearts and minds towards cultures that were kept hidden or looked down upon 50 years ago. It would be a mistake to not include the LGBT+ community in this effort, and in order to counteract the negative effects of over-isolation, the government must act to protect these rights.

Dharaa Rathi 5 months ago

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