Generation Brexit

Ensuring Continued Food Security by Employing Agricultural Innovation

A recent Euractiv conf. has highlighted precision farming & plant breeding techniques as important for food security. The 2018 precision farming market is set to reach $4 billion with an estimated CAGR of 13%. Precision agriculture is useful for crop nutrition b/c it can map soil types, improve crop yield, enable variable rate fertiliser (cotd).

Selena Zhao 5 months ago

application. Farmers will increasingly make more use of real time information from GPS satellites to make informed decisions on when to fertilise, irrigate and what crops to plant at what time of the year. The technology is also closely allied to the use of drones. In the US and Europe precision farming will primarily allow farmers to reduce over and under-spraying and reduce soil compaction by coordinating restricted passage of machinery. As the uncertainty around Brexit's impact on the food supply is, it is important to have secure initiatives rooted in maintaining food security.

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