Generation Brexit

The Agreement is not ideal but will prevent chaos

When the Withdrawal Agreement is rejected by the Parliament, the UK is put back to starting line. Any progress made in the last 2 years would be discredited. There are many options that the UK can take such as extending the Article 50, negotiating another deall, holding a second referendum, or even remaining in the EU. But, given the current fragmented political system, I doubt that those alternatives can be executed easily. Everyone wants to be a winner of Brexit but an egaliterian society is only viable in literature. I hope that May's deal would pass Parliament and the UK can enter its transition period. Perhaps, the UK and its people should realise that they'll lose after leaving the EU and no other proposals can help they become better off than they are right now. 

edited on Dec 5, 2018 by Nhi Duong

Luca de'Castiglioni 7 months ago

I agree. I also think that it is better to end this deal as soon as possible. In fact, much time and efforts are being spent on the Brexit deal, therefore, politicians are not taking into account many other problems of the country.

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