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Forecast is useful, but it's only prediction

Economic forecast is useful for businesses and prospective investors to prepare for whatever chaos might happen as a result of Brexit. However, forecast is merely prediction and even experts can't guarantee everything they projected will hold true. Sometimes forecasts become reality due to self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, when people are informed of stunted growth or stagnated economy, they'd be less willing to spend and save more. These decreased spendings would in turn make the economy slow down. I believe we have to look at economic forecasts vigilantly and should not form our perspecftive based on other people's predictions. The economy is full of uncertainty and we don't know in which direction it'd go after Brexit. 

Ryan Murphy 4 months ago

Which is why we need our parliament to be very clear on what the Brexit deal will be like. The recent uncertainty with split divisions and allegiances in the commons do not provide businesses the certainty they need to forecast their future profits... Thus, the longer this goes on, the more likely we will be seeing companies deciding to pack up and operate elsewhere within the EU.

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