Generation Brexit

Well informed?

Pakhi Gupta
Pakhi Gupta | 7 months ago | in Are the people fit to rule?

Since Brexit was a major decision and has had a major impact at the political and economic level in the UK, the referendum should’ve been held after properly informing the public of the forecasted effects post Brexit versus the situation where the UK would’ve stayed in the EU. Many people based their votes off of their personal feelings towards the EU and the UK government without considering the bigger impact of Brexit. Had the effects, such as the new economic forecasts, been made public to the citizens earlier, perhaps the referendum may have had a different result. The media also played a part in exaggerating the negative effects of EU migration, which, because exaggerated, didn’t provide the clear picture; even though the EU migrants may be seen as those who bring in negative effects and costs to the country, they have also helped the country profit in respect to economic terms as well. In the bigger picture the UK public weren’t as aware as they should’ve been of the impacts of Brexit on the UK’s economy and politics. 

edited on Dec 8, 2018 by Pakhi Gupta
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