Generation Brexit

Problem of 2nd Referendum

Ultimately, the entire notion of a second referendum is highly unlikely because the EU will not risk losing political capital because of Britain's indecisiveness. Ultimately, the rise of populism and nationalism in the EU forces their EU member state leaders to represent their countries' interests as grandly as possible -- by allowing Britain to back out of its decision and push off the deadline so it can decide makes EU countries look weak. In an effort to avoid looking weak, the EU will only allow Britain to entertain another referendum if there is a deal in place before the referendum. In that case, if Britain votes to remain, the current entire system remains in place. If Britain once again decides to exit, then the pre-negotiated exit deal will automatically be put into place. After the deal is finalized in within Parliament over the next 3-4 months, that would be the final deal. It will be a 3 way referendum - No Deal, Deal or Remain.




Jiahe Sun 5 months ago

Do you think there should be a proportional threshold for the option to be representative? Opinions are so divided, let us assume 30% for deal, 25% for no deal, 35 for remain, what is the choice?

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