Generation Brexit

Brexit: A Swiss Perspective

Bryan Chen
Bryan Chen | 7 months ago | in Are the people fit to rule?

Referendums are hailed as a medium of true democracy; the people directly vote on issues. The Swiss often use referendums to decide key issues. One of the reasons why referendums work in Switzerland but not in Britain is because Switzerland has a richer tradition of direct democracy while Britain has been a parliamentary democracy for centuries. The Brexit referendum has been mired in controversies during and after the vote such as the 350 million pounds claim that no doubt influenced the vote. After the referendum, the British government had to leave the EU without the possibility of a second referendum. On the other hand, the Swiss had a referendum which they rejected EU membership but multiple referendums were passed in favor of different agreements like entering the Schengen Area. It's impossible to mix a direct democracy system in a parliamentary democracy.

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