Generation Brexit

Economic and Legal Reality Check

While the Bank of England’s predictions regarding the future of the UK’s economy post-Brexit are a stark economic reality check on how harmful leaving the Single Market will be for Britain, the newly released legal advice from the Attorney General is equally a reality check politically. It proves how little power the UK has over the EU legally when it comes to trying to leave the customs union and prevent hard border checks between Ireland and Northern Ireland at the same time. The legal advice outlined how achieving both these goals would be nearly impossible. Given the backstop currently in place, the UK would remain in the single customs union if it were unable to come up with another solution to the Northern Ireland border by the end of the transition period, which is the exact opposite of what Brexiteers want. Given the predicted economic and political ramifications of Brexit, MPs should consider holding a 2nd referendum following the inevitable failure of the PM’s deal in the House of Commons. In that case, the voice of the people would be heard and all of these consequences could be avoided.

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