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What would a second referendum say to the British constituents?

Even though I would like to see a second referendum, I also recognize the numerous issues that it would bring. Especially in the political field, a second referendum would not bring about a resolution but only more issues. According to PM Theresa May's argument during the first day of Brexit deal debates, "what would a second referendum say to the British constituents?"

What would it say about the state of UK’s democracy if the biggest vote in British history were to be rerun because a majority in this house did not like the outcome? This house promised it will honour the decision of the people. If we betray this promise, how could we expect them to trust us again?

Ryan Murphy 7 months ago

I think a lot of people would be annoyed and quite hurt about a second referendum. The rift between the British people and parliament would enlarge and there will be a lack of faith in our elected representatives. I'm not a fan of the second referendum option. The first one shouldn't have been called in the first place - the issue about the membership of the EU is just far too complex!

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Yangmin Lai 6 months ago

I think a second referendum can be justified and even necessary as long as it recognizes the result of the first one and take further steps to concretize it, i.e. to decide what kind of Brexit the British people want. After all, in the first referendum, citizens were only asked to vote on whether to leave the EU without being fully informed what kind of divorce it would be if they choose to leave, and a second referendum providing different models of Brexit, including the May Deal, would make up a bit for it, instead of canceling the result of the first one so as to make the whole thing a farce. But the problem with this idea is that, with the leaving day approaching, there seems no more time and energy for it, and the willingness of the parties also counts.

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