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A Rotten Deal and a Tumultuous House

The Guardian reports that a revised Brexit deal will be returned to the Parliament for vote by 21st January 2019. What I am interested in is that although May recognized the lack of faith in her purposed deal, she rejected any amendment to her deal prior to yesterday, on which she called off today’s vote. Shadow Minister Burgon questioned that if PM May “is holding the country to ransom.” During today’s debate in the House, Mr. Corbyn even asked May to “make way” for others who are more capable (whom I think refers to himself), because he doubts May’s ability and intention to drop the backstop. His uncompromising attitude alarms me, for the UK needs a united leadership instead of parties pointing fingers at each other during this national crisis. May is visiting leaders of other member states to try to re-negotiate the deal. Will she advocate for dropping the backstop during negotiations as the House wishes? 

Ryan Murphy 7 months ago

I don't think May will be looking to drop the backstop... She will want to ensure that whenever she has the deal going through parliament, that the DUP will support her. It is her task now that she needs to agree in Brussels, that her deal will not have a hard border in Northern Ireland.

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