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concerns about national security

Can Huang
Can Huang | 6 months ago | in Our common future after Brexit

As the UK was likely to lose direct access to vital EU security databases after 2012 under the proposed long-term Brexit arrangements led by May, the UK’s membership of NATO is also concerned to be weakened. (to be continued in the comment)

Can Huang 6 months ago

During the 21-month transition, the UK needs to retain existing cooperation with EU while updating national security policy and technology and more independent strategic partnership about defense issues with the US. And a fully-designed leaving deal is essential to avoid greater uncertainty and affecting the ability to keep the public safe.

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Alexander Dossche 5 months ago

I still can't believe that that would be an issue. If there is an issue with intelligence sharing, then this will be problematic for both the UK and the EU no? MI6 and MI5 are of major importance to the whole of Europe. I think that these channels will remain open and function as normal because there are too many threats today.

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