Generation Brexit

Britishness: a brighter identity

“When you strip away the rhetoric”, wrote Fintan O’Toole in the Guardian in June 2016, “Brexit is an English Nationalist movement”. Englishness has been called “the invisible driver” behind Brexit (LSE British Politics and Policy). This is clear when looking at the analysis of the referendum vote. Studies show that 47% of those who see themselves primarily as British supported Leave in the referendum against and full 65% of those who see themselves primarily as English supported Leave. On the contrary, among those who see themselves primarily as European, only 5% supported Leave; the other 95% supported Remain. These numbers speak for themselves and highlight clearly how Brexit is profoundly linked to a reinforcement of British and English identities. Put differently, speaking in terms of ‘bright’ vs ‘blurred’ identities, Brexit has made British identity brighter than it was before.

Jamie Blue 3 weeks ago

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