Generation Brexit

Public mistrust of 'experts'

I think publishing economic forecasts is necessary. While predictions can be uncertain, there will no doubt be some kind of economic impact from Brexit that will be felt by the public. The main issue is how do we move beyond this public, and political, mistrust and dismissal of 'experts' that has been so prevalent in the Brexit debate, both in the run up to the referendum, and after? I doubt that publishing these forecasts has done much to change anyone's initial views on Brexit, as concrete analysis seems to be too easily dismissed in favour of ideology. 

Alexander Dossche 3 months ago

I agree that there is a need for economic forecasts. Do you think that today, the forecasts are more credible than they were during the run-up for the Brexit vote? And would a rule of proper formulation of predictions (neutrality checks) not be a good starting point to stop the skepticism against the experts?

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