Generation Brexit

Individual Multiculturalism

Paola Garcia
Paola Garcia | 5 months ago | in Brexit and Multiculturalism

In such a divisive Brexit, I think it is up to our own personal and individual responsibility to ensure that multicultural values are being upheld. I think it is up to us to encourage and continue valuing the multiculturalism seen in the UK. Those of us who appreciate need to make a bigger effort so that this multiculturalism is played out in a supportive environment so that the general public can see how beneficial it is to the whole English culture as a whole. Apart from our individual contributions to keeping multiculturalism alive, I think the bodies of British government that still have the capability to continue enoucraging multiculturalism, need to do so at all costs. The Secretary of State needs to keep capitalising on the UK as a multicultural environment in a way that highlights all the great contributions this has made to British history, whether its a campaign advertising all the great British personalities (scientists, pop stars, politicians) who came from a minority background, or a campaign highlighting the diversity in British cuisine through generations of migrants. I think we are so far down the line that we cannot possibly overturn the multiculturalism witnessed in British cities right now, but it is up to us at an individual level and the government on a general level to highlight all the positive aspects of this multiculturalism, so that the negative narrative around it is is changed.

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