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Does multiculturalism have to be political?

Erika Loggin
Erika Loggin | 2 months ago | in Brexit and Multiculturalism

As a Canadian studying in London, I was surprised to read criticisms of multiculturalism, or politicians claiming it had "failed." In my country, multiculturalism is not a political stance, it's a core Canadian value as well as a fact of life. The UK is a multicultural collection of nations whether it likes it or not, both because of the different nations it includes (Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland) and because of historical and current immigration. To me, recognizing and celebrating this cultural diversity is the only logical response to both the UK's current demographics, and the divisive Brexit vote. The government should affirm its commitment to multiculturalism, not as a political stance per se, but because there doesn't seem to be a viable alternative.

Alana Roberts 2 months ago

I agree. Multiculturalism shouldn't be simply 'pro' or 'against' but universal recognition that it is a fact of our society, and a shared commitment on all sides to celebrating and ensuring acceptance of this. I think the fact that politicians seem to use multiculturalism as a tool to take a political stance only contributes to reinforcing divisions within the wider public.

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