Generation Brexit

Economic impact of a no deal 

The map in this article by the New York Times showing where will be most affected by Brexit, is really telling. Surely, with the amount of economic damage a no deal could do, on both sides but especially to the British economy, parliament will not let a no deal happen. I think if the clock continues to run out, we are only days away from Brexit, and the options are still only May's deal or no deal, parliament will vote for the deal in the end. 

Alexander Dossche 4 months ago

I agree! The pressure will be too large . Do you think however that May could still get some things changed?

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Alana Roberts 4 months ago

Given how firm the EU response has been, I doubt that anything can be changed at this point. It's hard to believe that we are still trying to agree on a deal with just over a month to go! I think the backstop is a sensible idea. It's a shame that ideology keeps getting in the way of pragmatism.

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