Generation Brexit

Multiculturalism: Is Brexit the perfect time for a re-brand?

J Gow
J Gow | 2 months ago | in Brexit and Multiculturalism

National models of integration, like multiculturalism, significantly shape the lives of immigrants. New arrivals as well as second, third or fourth generation are all affected by the policies that decide the level and extend the government facilitates integration of new groups. 

As a student of different types of integration systems, I find it difficult to challenge my own bias towards the national models I've been surrounded with since birth. I want to recognize my slant, yet still argue for multiculturalism, and more specifically a rebrand of multiculturalism for the UK and other countries questioning their multicultural policy pasts. 

Is a meaningful rebrand where multiculturalism focuses more on a layer of similarities on top of a foundation of differences in language, traditions, and culture possible? Could surviving Brexit become a shared experience to incorporate interculturalism ideals? Rebranding multiculturalism in the face of Brexit could be a bold, collective step forward.


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