Generation Brexit

Brexit makes minorities outsiders

ntorres | 5 months ago | in Brexit and Multiculturalism

I think on a more symbolic level the vote for Brexit was a figurative assertion of a British identity and a fear that foreigners were corrupting or infringing on that identity. I believe it demonstrated on a large level what we see globally—a fear of foreigners, whether taking jobs or committing crimes or holding threatening beliefs. To me, the vote was a collective assertion that Britain is ‘ours,’ not ‘yours,’ and it went against a multicultural conception of Britain. 

Because Brexit was largely a vote against outsiders, this inherently encompassed the overlap between minorities and migrants. So I believe that many minority groups are justified in being concerned or hurt about Brexit. Despite claims that Brexit was based largely on the economic fear of foreigners taking jobs, it cannot be ignored that minorities who often are classified as migrants are indeed targets of such harmful rhetoric, even when it is veiled by an economic argument. 

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