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Multiculturalism as a core pillar in the UK

ALLEGRA | 5 months ago | in Brexit and Multiculturalism

A few days ago, while discussing with an English friend, I asked him what means to him to be an English. Among other things, he said: “to be multicultural”. 
Multiculturalism has characterised the UK for too long to be shadowed by something like Brexit. The multicultural model of integration developed in the UK is a quite unique one in Europe. Rather than expecting a country to assimilate different cultures, multiculturalism leaves to immigrants the chance to adapt while following their own culture. 
In the context of Brexit, there will always be someone who might deny the multicultural face of the UK – presumably, those who voted for Brexit primarily as an-anti multiculturalism measure. However, no matter if the pro-multiculturalism British citizens  see it as something in which they strongly believe, or whether they defend it only as a post-colonial historical heritage: I still think that the voice of the pro-Brexit minority (against multiculturalism) cannot and will not challenge this core pillar of the UK. 

Alexander Dossche 5 months ago

I agree with the fact that they cannot challenge the UK's multiculturalism. It will be very interesting to see how migration patterns will unfold in this country that needs labour force as it is has little unemployment. I do hope however that the mantra will not be so pragmatic, but I am rather fearful when I hear May talking about migration on the basis of merit.

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Breyona Clarke 1 week ago

We are multicultural. But Farage and many (not all) Brexit supporters have spread all kinds of anti-immigrant and racist feelings that are increasing hate crimes and harming minorities. This is an attack on multicultural britain and we need to fight back.

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