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Higher education cooperation

Leaving the EU must not mean the end of the close cooperation in higher education. Schemes like Erasmus are so important, both educationally and culturally, as well as academic cooperation and research across member states. Having lots of students finishing education with a global outlook and language skills can also be economically beneficial. 

Alexander Dossche 4 months ago

I agree, and this is one of the areas where the UK system is luckily heavily privatised, meaning that the universities can set out their own cooperative schemes.LSE and Bocconi have only just set up a new double degree! It seems also likely that Erasmus will remain, I think that was even already decided upon.

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Alana Roberts 4 months ago

Hopefully nothing will change too much, especially as there are already non-EU countries who participate in Erasmus. It's just a bit concerning hearing news that Britain is pulling out of things like the European University Institue. Losing all of this as well as leaving the EU is totally unnecessary and would be very sad for UK higher education.

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Alexander Dossche 3 months ago

Was the UK obliged to exit the European University Institute?

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