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Data is becoming increasingly important for companies to thrive. Not only are cross-border data flows essential for tech giants like Microsoft, Google and Facebook but new startups across Europe are finding innovative ways to use data to help medical treatments (e.g. Genomics PLC) or helping us build smarter, more efficient cities. The EU has strong protection for the processing of personal data, something that the ECJ has interpreted as incompatible with mass state surveillance. (C203-15...

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Danial Alam
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Any divorce between two parties is difficult but a divorce settlement between two parties that have worked together for centuries and that have been committed together since 1972 was always going to be contentious. But as Theresa May is forced to appeal to all factions of the Conservative Party after the snap election whilst ensuring that she does not lose the support of Euro-skeptic voters in the UK.  The tone between both negotiation camps has become increasingly hostile since the 23rd...

Danial Alam
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Danial Alam

Danial Alam

London, United Kingdom

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Bio Final year law student at the London School of Economics and European Regional Coordinator for the transatlantic think tank 'European Horizons'. I am working at the Irish Data Protection Commissioner's Office over the summer and have a strong interest in European and global digital policy.

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