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UK has approved the balance of the EU until 2020. This legal committment has been ratified and approved by the UK government. Therefore, what was due is still due. Other sums should not being asked from the UK government, unless these are  related to the pension schemes of the English employee of the EU institutions.  The only problem would be that in case of disagreement, no court is suitable to settle  the matter. Therefore, if UK does not want to pay, cannot be forced to do so....

Elena Turci
by Elena Turci
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Elena Turci
Nice thought

EU and UK nationals have enjoyed since many years the benefits of being able to work and study abroad and mechanisms able to allow this are still in place. Setting up a Visa or ECSTA system, would be more costly and likely to determine a sharp decrease in mobility, with bad economic consequences. Of course, the same level of access has to be allowed by both parties. Therefore, UK should think carefully to its future immigration policy, assessing the consequences of the decisions taken....

Elena Turci
by Elena Turci
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Elena Turci
Great idea

Brexit does not mean to cut down on opportunities. UK nationals should be able to access the Erasmus programme. UK status should be similar to the one held by the Associate Countries. The Higher  Education field in UK would also benefit from the arrival of EU nationals deciding to work or study in Great Britain's universities.  At the same time, EU should allow and foster UK nationals access to education on the continent. This measure should not violate the principle of equality....

Elena Turci
by Elena Turci
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Elena Turci

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Bio European. Working in Higher Education. Studied Philosophy.

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