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Sadly yes.  As much as many don't agree with the idea of it we need to accept the fact that it has to happen. It would be a subversion of democracy for the government to not follow through on what the people voted for. While it may not be the best path forward for the country if governments choose when they have to listen to voters and when not to it can create a dangerous precedent for democracy in this country. The Brexit vote was not an election that elected a government to do what they...

Lev Bronstein
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Lev Bronstein

Of all the talks about what Britain's borders need to look like after exiting the EU the most important issue that doesn't always get the most coverage in the media is what will happen with the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. Being the only actual open border between the United Kingdom and an EU country it should really be taken centre stage in the debate on borders. With the recent rising tensions and talks of secession or reunification in Northern Ireland after their vote was...

Lev Bronstein
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Lev Bronstein
Nice thought

Terrorism and the threat of more attacks will inevitably be a very important topic in the debate on BREXIT with the recent events both in the UK and Europe as a whole but it is important for all those involved to recognize that border security is not an issue related to it. For the most part all of the attacks in Europe have been perpetrated by citizens or residents who had already been living in the country before being radicalized. Fighting terrorism is going to be a very important issue...

Lev Bronstein
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Lev Bronstein

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