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Taking away the rights of UK/EU citizens to live, work and study in the UK/EU would be seriously detrimental to the social cohesion of our community, especially our younger generation including ourselves. We must fully realise the major negative effects of this process and sustain this ongoing conversation surrounding the interaction of EU/UK citizens (via Generation Brexit!) in order to develop new ideas and platforms concerning how we can maintain a permanent interaction in the post Brexit...

Nikoletta Michael
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Nikoletta Michael

Nikoletta Michael

London, United Kingdom

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Bio I am currently completing my MSc in European Studies at the LSE while I also hold a BA in French and Spanish from the University of Liverpool. Alongside my studies, I have been working with Lord Mike Storey as a researcher and personal assistant at the Houses of Lords (spokesperson for education, families and young people). Prior to beginning my degree at LSE, I completed two internships in Brussels. The first at The Permanent Representation of Cyprus to the EU and the second at the European Commission. These internships further enhanced my passion for the workings of the European Union. I am a keen follower of issues related to vulnerable members of our society, in particular immigrants, minorities, the young and the infirm.

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