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UK & EU countries will still share a common court after Brexit - the World Court of Justice at The Hague. How about asking the World Court to act as the Brexit referee?  

Rebecca W
by Rebecca W
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Rebecca W
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My  sister and  family were  on holiday in Spain last week and got travellers tummy. My two year old niece needed to  visit a GP. Because my sister had applied for an EHIC this wasn't a problem.  The UK should remain a part of the EHIC scheme after Brexit.

Rebecca W
by Rebecca W
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Rebecca W
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I think Brexit means we have a chance to rebuild our society. There is so much division in the country now. Look at what happened in the election. I'm not sure what Brexit will mean. I hope we will use this time to decide what sort of country we really want and then make it actually happen. If nothing really changes then what is the point?

Rebecca W
by Rebecca W
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Rebecca W
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Brexit was suppose to be about having more control over our own decisions, so why should  a European court make decisions for us after Brexit? Even if British judges are appointed to a European court, they will always be outnumbered by European judges. UK courts should make decisions about Brexit cases that affect us, like the High Court did in December re the role of the UK Parliament in trigerring article 50.  I have friends & family who voted leave and I can imagine how they would...

Rebecca W
by Rebecca W
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Rebecca W

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Bio I'm at uni in Bristol. I am interested in early childhood development, and my goal is to be a KS1 teacher.

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