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The EU’s role in promoting women’s rights has been important. Its continued support in ensuring that men and women are treated as equal citizens is protected in its treaties as a core value of the EU. For example, the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) extends beyond a general commitment to gender equality. According to Richard Corbett, a Labour MP,  the word ‘equality’ seldom appears in the Brexit White Paper, although the paper does mention a Great Repeal Bill, which...

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Peace Ani

Peace Ani

Essex, United Kingdom

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Bio Peace is a financial services professional with over 12 years’ experience within leading global financial services institutions, across Investment banking, Insurance and Investment Management. Peace started her career at Barclays Capital; she then subsequently worked for Goldman Sachs for over 7 years and was recently Head of Operational Risk for a Specialty Insurer. Peace has recently published a series of 5 op-ed articles on 'Brexit’s impact on the UK financial services and the economy' with contributions from a former member of the Monetary Policy Committee and senior industry experts. Brexit could be described as the UK taking a leap into the dark in an unchartered territory, with dawn still quite far away. Whilst Brexit is inherently political, Peace's research focus gives a comprehensive look at its consequences for the UK economy and financial markets. The research provides a comprehensive insight into why the UK joined the EU in the first place, an analysis of the drivers resulting in Brexit, the UK’s options in light of this and some recommendations for the UK government and businesses. Peace completed her MBA at Imperial College Business School.

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