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Boris Johnson's strong dismissal of May's Chequers Plan on Tuesday at the Tory party conference places him in a prime position to takeover party leadership. By indicating that his supporters should deal directly with the Labour Party instead of May's Conservatives, Johnson attempts to place himself in a position of higher authority than May .

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Sach Iyer

In the case of a sudden exit by the UK, supplies of important medications like insulin could  fall in short supply as imports undergo a pause period. With Britain manufacturing only a small number of the insulin needed for the country, it is possible for insulin supplies to run out with no provision for increased manufacturing.

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In a recent BBC interview, May made a claim indicating that there is no possible alternative deal to her Chequers plan. Conservative party members rightfully met this claim with objections. While May may have used this statement as a ploy to push the Chequers plan through, coming to an agreement between both parties must be of the highest priority.

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