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Perhaps have you awoken one morning, suddenly realising that what you were firmly believing mere seconds before was only a dream - good or bad, but still a dream. Perhaps, too, up and running, have you once wondered whether you wouldn't be living a dream that would soon to reach its end. Some situations seem to hard, too complex to be true... And yet, they exist 'in real life'. Brexit, one could argue, is one of these. Have you ever thought about it as a puzzle, a very complex puzzle? I...

Loïc Druenne
by Loïc Druenne
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Loïc Druenne

As Brexit negotiations wander in the darkness, it may be refreshing to get reminded of how relative this whole thing is. "Leave" and "Remain" gurus, armed with words often as sharp as Excalibur, left us all with a deep sense of loss - loss of independence vis-à-vis the EU or loss of that same EU. But is Brexit so big a thing as it seems to be? For if Brexit is the end of a world, it is certainly not the end of the world.  Multiculturalism is not dead. It is changing, it is struggling to...

Loïc Druenne
by Loïc Druenne
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Loïc Druenne

Loïc Druenne

Oxford, United Kingdom

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