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This was my room in Berlin. When the Brexit vote happened me, two friends (French and German but both living and studying in the UK) and my then German boyfriend all huddled round a small screen watching the vote. By the early morning we knew the result and we cried together. WI was worried about being allowed to stay and they were worried about being able to go home. I stayed in bed for three days after the vote just out of shock. I finally had to get up because it was getting ridiculous...

Lauren Robson
by Lauren Robson
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Lauren Robson

What I see as perhaps the most interesting phenomenon to come out of the Brexit referendum is the assertion by the far-right that they are now the champions of free speech. By stressing the 'political correctness' of today's society and showing how there are certain things people (and here I mean predominantly white people) cant say about minority groups - the far right have essentially turned any accusation of racism and bigotry into an advertisement for their campaign. If you believe in...

Lauren Robson
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Lauren Robson

Lauren Robson

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