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Britain's white supremacy-backed xenophobia is constantly triggered by the freedom and openness that the EU creates (despite it opting out of say, the Schengen Agreement). I strongly believe that the anti-outsider sentiment that the Brexit campaign relied on used these paranoias to convince the British public to vote 'leave'. As a result, Brexit in all is truly just a weak bandaid solution to cover up the British public's white supremacist mindset.

Jerry Li
by Jerry Li
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Jerry Li

It's crucial to highlight how the backlash against multiculturalism in the Brexit space is linked to Britain's refusal to acknowledge its postcolonial role in the world today. Through centuries of brutal colonial campaigns, Britain was able to elevate itself through violating human rights, disrupting political equilibria, and destroying civilisations. A consequence of said colonialism is the Britain today - a migration destination and a safe haven. Therefore, Britishness must   include...

Jerry Li
by Jerry Li
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Jerry Li

Jerry Li

London, United Kingdom

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