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Studio nel Regno Unito da più di tre anni e, a quasi un anno mezzo dal referendum, non riesco ancora ad avere un'idea chiara di cosa sarà il futuro dopo la Brexit. Il discorso di Teresa May a Firenze non ha lenito questo mio senso di incertezza. Per rispondere ad una delle domande, per me la Brexit non è un' opportunità e non è uno svantaggio, ma solo incertezza sul futuro e sopratutto su quale direzione prender, un sentimento che penso sia comune a molti giovani, inglesi ed europei. 

Valeria Vigilante
by Valeria Vigilante
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Valeria Vigilante

Brexit is all but an easy issue, the magnitude of this process is such that two years seem to be insufficient for a divorce. The clock is now ticking and a deal should be agreed for the benefit of both, the UK and the EU. There is a tremendous range of fields for which a deal should be concluded, but first and foremost, a trade deal seems to be a logical starting point. Britain's economy is significantly dependant on the EU, and so is the EU on the UK, in 2016 the UK's exports to the Union...

Pol Salvat
by Pol Salvat
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Pol Salvat

The Brexit negotiations, which have officially started this month, are meant to last until 2019 and would presumably end in a positive manner for all the actors involved. Or so the theory goes! Unfortunately, last year’s events and public statements have hurled us into a world of unpredictability, where an often unchecked rhetoric went from a “hard” to a “soft” and now an “open” Brexit with little regard for those who really matters – the citizens. In this author opinion the key priority...

Mihai Sebe
by Mihai Sebe
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Mihai Sebe

After Brexit, there should be a solid and close partnership between the UK and EU. This is important not only for potential financial and economic deals but also (and more importantly) for the many UK citizens across Europe and EU citizens in the UK. In this regard, the Brexit negotiations are key important also for shaping the future UK-EU relation.

Valeria Vigilante
by Valeria Vigilante
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Valeria Vigilante

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Valeria Vigilante

Naples/London, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Jun 22, 2017

Bio Born in Italy but currently living in London, I am a postgraduate student in European Studies (Research). I am passionate about politics (not only in Europe).

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